I generally stock most of the various types of cat flaps and dog doors in both the common colours as shown on my website. I only supply these as part of my fitting service. My pricing tends to follow that of the dominant online retailer, other than those on special promotions. The benefits that I offer though are that I test every cat flap before I fit it, I include batteries where appropriate, I demonstrate the use of the product as I fit it, and I support the fitted product against manufacturing faults for a period of 12 months

Should you supply your own cat flap or dog door, then I will request that you test it to assure yourself that it is working properly before I fit it. I will then provide support only for my workmanship over a period of 12 months. Should the product fail, then it is your responsibility to replace it, and to pay for its fitting

See the relevant page for further details for cat flaps or dog doors

Please note that a cat flap or pet door may affect your home insurance. Seek advice from your insurer or read this general advice given here Home Insurance Policy Risk. For general crime prevention advice see here Cat Flap Crime Prevention. Please take extra precaution when a small child may gain access to any pet door