As a sole trader, the essence of my business is cat flap and dog door fitting. I have fitted these into every type of building material I can think of, although I have now limited myself to fitting only the Sureflap cat flap into walls for health reasons. The following is an indication of what I can do for you:

Fit a new cat flap or dog door into

  • Doors - composite; plain or panelled
  • Doors - glass; double glazed (glass fitting types only)
  • Doors - glass; replace with a plain, white uPVC panel
  • Doors - metal skinned; aluminium or steel; plain or panelled
  • Doors - uPVC; plain or profiled
  • Doors - wooden; plain or panelled
  • Glass - double glazed; plain, Georgian or patterned
  • Glass - single; replace with polycarbonate (small pane only)
  • Glass - split panel with uPVC (where glass is too narrow)
  • Walls - cavity or solid brickwork, blockwork, timber-framed, etc
  • Windows - glass; double glazed (glass fitting types only)

Replace your old cat flap or dog door with a new model

  • Microchip cat flap or pet door - no need for your pet to wear a collar
  • Manual 2-way or 4-way locking - classic designs
  • Like for like (if the product is still available)

Remove your old cat flap or dog door

  • Replace a standard uPVC panel with a new one

I also can supply all types of pet door as part of the installation service

If you want to know more then make an enquiry via the Contact page

SureFlap Through Wall